El Ocotal weavers, known as Nica Tejidos in Nicaragua, is a family weaving collective in a small village of subsistence farmers in the mountains of Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere
Nica Tejidos products are exceptionally well-made and represent each weaver’s artistic vision and personal creativity. Their rugs, placemats, and table runners are tightly woven, smooth, flat, rectangular, machine washable, long-lasting, and ecologically sustainable.
The colors and patterns they use reflect the character of life in their village and the surrounding countryside. The weavers are inspired by the volcanic landscape and the colorful fruits and flowers of this region, including green avocados, wild oranges, rose-colored hibiscus, purple passionflower, and lively red and yellow birds of paradise.



Profits from rug sales provide the women and their families with income independent from marginal agricultural surplus. Money is used to pay for otherwise unaffordable health care, school fees, and basic tools. Weaving also gives the women an opportunity to interact socially with one another outside of the home.