Nica Tejidos: The Weavers of El Ocotal, Nicaragua

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The Weavers of Nica Tejidos

*This picture depicts the women, their families and Dave Worden ( a math teacher at Carolina Friends School (CFS) and Carol Blackmore's partner) celebrating the completion of their new weaving workshop in July, 2011. The building  was funded by a grant from CFS and constructed through the hard work of Dave, the weavers, and their families.
Carol Blackmore
Co-founder of Nica Tejidos and Professional Weaver

has been a professional weaver for the past 30 years. She makes her own rugs ( on a loom that is 10 ft. wide with durable cotton/poly warp and environmentally friendly recycled clothing. Since childhood, she has used fabric to study the interaction of color by looking for combinations that create transparency, depth, and emotional resonance. It is this type of knowledge and experience that Carol  has been able to share with the weavers of El Ocotal.  Through her they have learned  not only how to create a high quality product  but also how to begin expressing themselves artistically.In addition to product development Carol helps manage  the marketing, sales and outreach in the US.

 Nica Tejidos

  Current members:
  • Aleyda Aguilar
  • Aura Escoto Orozco
  • Trinidad Castro
  • Nohemy Mendez
  • Gladys Orozco
  • Aura Diaz
  • Paula Escoto
  • Juana Rios
  • Celia Castro
  • Iveth Cardenas
  • Argentina Obregon
  • Haydee  Castro

Honorary Members

  • Hilda Dormus
  • Esmerita Sanchez
  • Socorro Escoto
  • Haydee Luquez

Profiles of each weaver can be found on the 'Profiles of Weavers' page

Ivy Blackmore
Co-founder of Nica Tejidos

lived in El Ocotal, Nicaragua as a Peace Corps volunteer from Nov 2007 - March 2010. Ivy's time as a volunteer  exposed her to the many inefficiencies and contradictions of international aid and motivated her to gain a better understanding of  international project design, implementation and evaluation. She is currently pursuing a doctorate focused on rural socioeconomic development at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St Louis. Ivy primarily supports the women through marketing, sales, communications and financial administration.

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